SC_COMPENSATIONS_DETAIL_NEW_REVISION: "compensationsDetailCreateNewRevision" = 'compensationsDetailCreateNewRevision'

Method name for PRE compensationsDetailCreateNewRevisionPre and POST compensationsDetailCreateNewRevision

Triggered after pressing a button Create new revision on compensation plans list or compensation plan detail. This method has specific API where is one extra property available in compensationPlansDetailCreateNewRevision but it is not available in compensationPlansDetailCreateNewRevisionPre and vice versa. So be careful!

Extra parameter compensationPlanNewRevisionAPI is available only for method compensationPlansDetailCreateNewRevision! Extra parameter compensationPlanOriginAPI is available only for method compensationPlansDetailCreateNewRevisionPre!


export const compensationsDetailCreateNewRevision = async ({ api, compensationPlanOriginAPI, compensationPlanNewRevisionAPI }) => {
// TODO: Add your code

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