RM_REBATE_AGREEMENTS_LIST_FILTERS_ADD: "rebateAgreementsListFilterAdd" = 'rebateAgreementsListFilterAdd'

Method name for PRE rebateAgreementsListFilterAddPre and POST rebateAgreementsListFilterAdd

This method will trigger at rebate agreements list in CRM, if you are on account or opportunity page. It will obtains filter property, it is inner array of advanced filter criteria property.

Since version 9.2 you have to return an array which contains a filter:

const extraInfo1Filter = { fieldName: 'additionalInfo1', operator: 'equals', value: 'CD-001' };

// prior 9.2 filter[0] = extraInfo1Filter;

// 9.2 or later return [extraInfo1Filter];

Since version 11.0 you can return filter or if you need to add extra data to payload, you can return an object with criteria and extraData:

return { criteria: filter, extraData: { objRef_objId: null, objRef_objBKey: { customerId: "1001" }, objRef_objType: "C" } }


export const rebateAgreementsListFilterAdd = async ({ api, filter }) => {
// TODO: Add your code

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