QC_QUOTES_DETAIL_NEW: "quotesDetailNew" = 'quotesDetailNew'

Method name for PRE quotesDetailNewPre and POST quotesDetailNew

Starting point for this event is pressing the New Quote button at /#/qc/quotes. The method is triggered after the new quote is recalculated and saved at backend and a user is redirected to quote detail page /#/qc/quotes/<quoteId>.


export const quotesDetailNew = async ({ api, quoteAPI }) => {
// TODO: Add your code


Basic create new, with edited label

export const quotesDetailNew = async ({ quoteAPI }) => {
await quoteAPI.setHeaderValue('label', 'Interceptor experiment - rename quote');


Salesforce: Prefill customer from account page

export const quotesDetailNew = async ({ quoteAPI, api }) => {
const { crmManager, fetch } = api;
const payload = await crmManager.getPayload();

if (await crmManager.isAccountPage()) {
const customerId = payload[await crmManager.getAccountAssociationField()];
await quoteAPI.setHeaderInputValue('Customer', customerId);

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